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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Insidious: Movie Review and Possible Reference to SAW VIII

You know a horror movie is good when it makes you afraid to sleep...

I've only been able to say that about one other movie in my entire life: The Grudge. And that was more location based than anything. I love the dark, I love sitting in the dark, I love the night time. But Insidious made me turn on the lights when I went downstairs to pee. This movie is incrediebly creepy. This is the best ghost movie I have seen since Haunting in Connecticut. Certain lines characters said in the movie caused my eyes to widen and a shivver to roll down my spine. It's been so long since a horror movie has genuinely creeped me out like this. I'm happy it did. Most horror movies these days are good for the lulz if nothing else. But something about this one sticks with you...

I have heard from many people how bad this movie sucks, and from others how it was good until the end. Personally I think they are being too cynical. The average rating is 6.3/10 which is fair. Most of the reviews range from 5-7 stars. With a few 3's and 10's. So it's obvious this is a movie you either love or hate. And I think it all depends on your personal taste. I loved it, another friend of mine hated it. Each to his own then.

Based off the haterd in some of the reviews I can kind of see where some of the haters are coming from. The movie is not without flaws. The plot moves a bit too fast and you find out what's going on too soon. While the first half of the movie is creepy and make you see things if you stare into a dark corner for too long, the second half of the movie is more of an adrenaline rush and ultimately what seems to be a...

*SPOILER* cat and mouse game with a demon that looks like a cross breed between Dath Maul and a goat *SPOILER ENDS HERE*

I felt like the horror part of the movie was rushed to hurry and get to the more action-y part. It wasn't an altogether bad thing though. There were some parts in the second half of the movie that were even creepier than the first half. It was just the claimax of the movie. It felt more like a race than survival.

The only other complaint I have is that part of the plot seems to be heavily borrowed from Paranormal Activity. But you'd have to see both movies to understand why.

As for the ending, without spoiling anything I will say... if you prefer "happily ever after endings" you probably shouldn't be watching horror movies. I mean, come on people, you've seen enough horror movies by now to expect this kind of thing... lower your standards a bit.

Overall a good creepy movie that takes an unexpected turn into action genre but still manages to keep it's creepy elements. A movie that genuinely tries to scare you and not just gross you out.

My rating: 8/10

Now, on to SAW news...

as you may well know, the new horror movie Insidious was made by the same people in charge of the SAW and Paranormal Activity franchise.

I'm watching it right now and at about 30 minutes and 30 seconds in there's a chalkboard in the background with a Billy Puppet drawn on it and the number 8 underneath him.

here's a screenshot I took with my phone

Possible SAW VIII reference in Insidious.

according to this link:

the creators of the SAW franchise have stated before that they are considering continuing the series due to the vast amount of unanswered questions, online petitions to make an 8th movie, and the huge support from die-hard fans. But if they do, they plan on making the story "better than ever".

other people have claimed they have seen other horror movie references in Insidious, including Mary Shaw from Dead Silence and what looks to be Freddy Kruger's knife fingers.

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